Digital Strategy

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Digital Strategy

Step For Your Business

From an idea to its completion, bring your projects to life. 
From your idea to its realization, from its outline to its identity, until the launch of your activity, we are on your side.
And even after!
We help you by advising you, suggesting you and removing the obstacles that slow you down or hold you back.

  • Watch EGS talking about the Innovative Digital School Project he led in Paris in the Cisco video below on this page. We are pioneers in the use of new learning and communication technologies in the field of education.
  • From your online CV to your online sales site, from your professional activity presentation to your eLearning site, there is surely something we can do to make your life easier!

Web Design & Creation

Show yourself!

From your online CV to your online store, or to your eLearning platform, we're able to propose you the best solution, fitting your projet as well as your budget. We'll not offer you to choose between one of the many "ready to use" website template: we'll build your own.
Yes, we're also templates designers.

  • Not everyone needs to implement a CMS to present their business.
    Sometimes a single page, static, or hybrid website is a better alternative.
    And a great saving!
  • That's why you won't find pricing here: we don't offer global offers, only personalized offers tailored to your needs, not ours!
  • And as we know well as much it's important for you to be seen, we'll optimize your website in order to make it "search engines friendly":
    SEO, SEA, SEM are also things we care about!

Large Scale Projects: Cisco Success Story

EGS, talking to Cisco Systems interviewers about the digital projet he led in Paris at Collège Saint Honoré d'Eylau also involving Apple Education France and Riviera Networks